A collection of work
not quite worth a case study
but quite worth remembering.

Uber app loader.

Animation by Aldo Hernandez.
In partnership with Jonny Liebs.

Uber Eats product vision.

Design by Josh White & Raanan Rosenfeld. Copy by Danny Barry. PM by Ioannis Argiris.
In partnership with Michael Takeshita.

Uber driver app icon & loader.

Design by Joan Pons. Motion by Brian Cobonpue.
In partnership with Emma Fahey, Joe Fahed, & Matt Syska.

Uber safety shield & visual language.

Shield design by Erik Gomez. Motion by Derek Pante.
In partnership with Nick Silver & Carley Lake.

Pinterest Help Center.

Designed with Adin Kann, Molly Garber, Yoojin Hong, & Kevin Lockwood.
In partnership with Amanda M. & Sara Strand.

Ritz Carlton web experience pitch.

Creative Direction by Rich Bloom. UX by Soli Mashfeghian.


Designed with Jessie Kim. Engineering by Natalia Margolis, Cid Donham, & Genki Hagata.
In partnership with United We Dream.

Alexa product vision.

Strategy by Cris Valerio. Creative Direction by Peter Markatos & Tyler Moore.
In partnership with Marc Hinshaw & Amazon Design.

Neon product explainer.

Designed with Michael Ater & Hana Lee.
Creative Direction by Peter Markatos & Tyler Moore.

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