A collection of work
not quite worth a case study
but quite worth remembering.

Uber Explore product concept.

Design by Mariclare Rethore. Copy by Jeffery Racheff.
In partnership with Mohini Vora.

Uber One brand identity.

Design by Ryan Howard & Erin Wallace. Copy by Josh Sax & Dexter Ho. Motion by Chase Masterson. PM by Nicole Hughes.
In partnership with Julie Kim.

Uber Eats product vision.

Design by Josh White & Raanan Rosenfeld. Copy by Danny Barry. PM by Ioannis Argiris.
In partnership with Michael Takeshita.

Uber app loader.

Animation by Aldo Hernandez.
In partnership with Jonny Liebs.

Uber driver app icon & loader.

Design by Joan Pons. Motion by Brian Cobonpue.
In partnership with Emma Fahey, Joe Fahed, & Matt Syska.

Uber safety shield & visual language.

Shield design by Erik Gomez. Motion by Derek Pante.
In partnership with Nick Silver & Carley Lake.

Pinterest Help Center.

Designed with Adin Kann, Molly Garber, Yoojin Hong, & Kevin Lockwood.
In partnership with Amanda M. & Sara Strand.

Ritz Carlton web experience pitch.

Creative Direction by Rich Bloom. UX by Soli Mashfeghian.


Designed with Jessie Kim. Engineering by Natalia Margolis, Cid Donham, & Genki Hagata.
In partnership with United We Dream.

Alexa product vision.

Strategy by Cris Valerio. Creative Direction by Peter Markatos & Tyler Moore.
In partnership with Marc Hinshaw & Amazon Design.

Neon product explainer.

Designed with Michael Ater & Hana Lee.
Creative Direction by Peter Markatos & Tyler Moore.

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