Dan Schwer

Design Director



Beacon is the first in-car communication device released by Uber. As a gift to drivers who have achieved a certain level in the Uber Pro loyalty program, beacon is designed to improve the lives of drivers by providing important information and addressing key pain points.

By using the existing driver journey as a starting point, we developed a beacon journey spanning from announcement and installation to starting a trip and ending the day. Through two rounds of in-person user testing, we listened and refined an experience that prioritizes driver needs. With deliverables spanning CRM, web, product, packaging, and the beacon itself, we created a consistent narrative about improving the driver experience from the first push notification to the last drop off of the day.


Industrial Design Direction
Monina Dolan

Experience Design Direction
Dan Schwer

Packaging Design
Braz de Pina

Motion Design
Bryan Cobonpue & Andy Mai

Product Design
Karen Chiu

Erik Gomez & Braz de Pina

Annie Adams, Jason Hunter, & Cheryl Locke

Software Engineering Leads
Kevin Babcock & Joe Soultanis

Product Marketing Management
Shrikala Kashyap


Web Design