Dan Schwer

Creative Direction + Design


“I am being detained. Please pick up my kids from school.”

Fear of deportation is an unsettling and terrifying reality undocumented immigrants deal with daily. In partnership with local non-profit, United We Dream, a small team in Huge Oakland conceptualized and built Notifica: a panic button for when ICE is at the door. By sending out pre-customized messages to friends, family, local and national activist organizations, and even lawyers, an individual's community can respond immediately and strategically.

Brand Identity

We wanted to inject every moment of the Notifica brand with an element of dissonance in acknowledgment of the emotionally jarring experience of living in fear. The mark is a signal, but its nature is uneasy, jagged, and imperfect.

Brand Language

In building the brand language, we needed to balance our two separate audiences: undocumented immigrants and allies. It was important for us to be sensitive to undocumented immigrants while still building an emotionally resonant story for allies to engage. We landed in a place that builds upon the dissonance of the mark by combining disparate elements to create restrained chaos.

The App

Considering the emotional state of users, the app is designed with utilitarian focus, with special attention given to accessibility.


Dan Schwer

Creative Director

Jessie Kim

Lead Product Designer