Dan Schwer

Creative Direction + Design


Amazon Echo is the first fully voice-enabled device designed for the home. Surprised by its initial success, Amazon asked MM to completely reimagine the less-considered companion app. Through ethnographic research, we identified an opportunity to deepen connections between family members and provide much needed utility when voice control becomes cumbersome.

Enriching Relationships

While we hoped that surfacing moments would spark conversation in the home, we wanted to make sure that the opportunity was available wherever the user might be.

Bringing Alexa to Digital

Bringing Alexa from an entirely vocal experience into an entirely digital one raised a lot of questions. What is her purpose? How present is she? When and why does she communicate? We decided to design Alexa as always present but never intrusive. We developed a system in which she serves as the pulse of what's going on at home, while providing helpful tips and suggestions based on location or time of day.


Tyler Moore, Peter Markatos

Creative Directors

Cris Valerio

Director of Strategy

Dan Schwer

Art Director